EEII’12 process

EEII ’12 was carried out trough a series of workshops and group meetings where connections between individual art projects were established. Connections were made trough media connections – audio connecting to video, or performative action to audio. Projects were also connected trough a score devised for Saturday evenings presentation.

Potato sculpture and potato music

EEII ’12 crew visited potato sculpture erected in village of Belica near Čakovec.

After paying respects to the sculpture of our electrolytic battery, we headed to ask locals to donate potatoes for Karl’s performance. They were happy to see how it works and to talk to us. We got best potatoes we could get.

Afternoon was busy with high school students visiting the workshops.

EEII 07 has been a succes

an instrumentEEII 07 has been a true revelation. Some of the most difficult moments in performers life is how to present itself, the band, project or solo. How to share it, how to organize it and so on.

EEII has done it in DIY style, where everyone helped as much as they could so that sweet sounds of industrial, electro, drone, noise music has a unique festival in Croatia.

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