EEII is not only a festival

Festival EEII has changed. From once-a-year festival (that usually lasted from 2 to 3 days) it turned in the evening part of the Multimedia camp. It lasted thrughout August 2006. and hosted artist from all around the world.

This year EEII changed again! It became a whole year project, with program happening from Aprill till late November.
EEII 2007 will host experimental elctronic interventionists from Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, Netherlands and Italy in different venues in Zagreb, Križevci, Rijeka, Labin, Belgrade, Mostar, Dubrovnik, etc.

This years program is financed by Ministry of Culture in Croatia.

Old EEII festival web site blogg

Two DVDs are out as a products of MMK/EEII06. Visit MMK site , have a look at archive for photos and more info on the DVDs published.

FINALLY – just couple of more days till Multimedia Kamp – visit MMK site and participate on camp.

Radio EEII is part of the Internet Radio Network FREE RADIO STANICA MIR.

The survival of Internet Radio
is being seriously threatened. The majority of the small Independent Net Stations would be forced to cease broadcasting if the U.S. Copyright Office accepts the reccomendations of “CARP” Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel before May 21, 2002. Read more here>>

Every wednesday from 13h to 24h FREE RADIO: STANICA MIR >>

Here you can find photos and movies from this and last year’s EEII

EEII tour ended as well. There are 2 and a half hours of recorded material that will be available on DVD with material from the last year and photos and video. Stay put for more news about radio broadcast.

Thanks to all good people who made EEII 2005 to happen. It was extraordinary experience. It couldn’t of happen without you.

Every day from 20 to 24 h (our time) experimental EEII program of sounds and music here>>

We had our share of problems since yesterday. We were supposed to have conference at Culture Club but building up and decorating is (as usual) late. We were looking for alternative place and almost ended up working in Karlovac. But today we found a good soul who is going to lend us ex club place for these two days. Club was called Orka, and it looks just perfect. So – EEII 2005 conference is at ORKA.

Juliana Vergueiro from Brasil is anthropology student and an activist for animal rights. She is a member of Radio Muda collective since 2001. and participates on Subradio project doing experiments with spoken word. She will be participating on free media discussions.

Karl Kilian will present three years work in progress in project “11. September 2001 ++”. It’s a series of photographs taken on different spots of the globe on 9/11 every year.

Gabriele Zaverio is comming from Italy to present his special wooden computers – FOSS hardwer-software.

Last year joined the EEII fest with an experimental audio/video performance. This year will bring you KAISERRADIO. A 30min radio program especially created for EEII2005. The program will consist of an audio collage compiled out of audio ripped from television and internet, combined with music from own record label KAISERLABEL.COM.

Nancy Mauro-Flude from Australia but living in Amsterdam is comming to EEII2005. Nancy aka ‘Sista O’ host radio show ‘Antipodean Attitunes’ on Radio Patapoe 97.2 FM Amsterdam every Thursday 23:00. Check more here…

Francisco Caminati from Săo paulo, Brasil will present experience with radio MUDA, and the Brazilian free radio rhizome, These discussions will cross several issues as FOOS, copyleft and free media.

Fm zombiemaus aka Karl Kilian from Austrai comming to EEII – experimental electronic-noise musician.

Wolfgang Ofner from Austria is coming with solo project EAT DEAD GORE! – ”sounds like noise vs jungle vs hardcore vs abstract beats”

Best wishes from California:
”Hey,Good luck from San Diego, CA to Krizevci, Croatia. Here’s some documents on free radio and some links to some of mine and others radio shows:”

Best wishes from Brazil:
”Hey,Thats great, its always nice to hear about new free radio stations, good luck and let we know if you need any help. We have a server, we can broadcast your stream if you need to. In radio Muda we have about 100 diferent programs going on air, we are making a compilation with many of this programs, when its done it will be on our website for download. We also have some zines that we can send you. Good luck and keep in contact!”

We had first radio stream tryout – and it works great!! Thanx to Ivana Pavic from MI2 Zagreb, Edgar and Ivica from Hacklab Pula and Jaromil, Dynabolic and Montevideo in Amsterdam. During next weeks we will have occasional program. All will be duly informed.

Guy van Belle from Waag society, Amsterdam, will held workshop on EEII 2005.

At HACKLAB Pula one week workshops on Internet stream and free software. Also EEII mailing list is opened. If you would like to subscribe mail us at

Band from Switzerland STEAMBOAT SWITZERLAND is comming to the EEII 2005.

Radio Patapoe is back on the ether on new frequency 88.3FM in the Amsterdam.

EEII 2005 is going to be a colorful combination of art and music together with experiments in new media.
Till now we have made contacts and preliminary talks to members of radio FRO, radio Patapoe, Cultural platforme Qujotcho, independent record houses Happy Zloty and Interstellarrecords. We also have contacted people from Radio 100, Amsterdam, Ilse Lau from Germany, Jacopo Andreini from Italy, Ivan Marusic Klif from Croatia, Alex Ficher from Amsterdam, and many more.
During EEII 2005 all of the discussions, lectures and music will be streamed with help of our technicians and experts: Herbert Gutauer, Gijs Borstlap, Edgar Bursic, Ivana Pavic and Jacob Robert.

In visit to OVERTOOM 301 center and radio Patapoe people. Arrangements were made for EEII 2005.

We are making contacts with cultural platform Qujocho and radio FRO people In Linz, Austria. Together we’ll make program for EEII 2005.

After some delay: we have archive with photos and videos and it will be updated
here. Also the good news are we are already in process of inviting people for EEII2005, and this one is gonna be even greater!!



Everything is going smooth, and after some divine intervention concerning ministry of war and good people we got back on track. Yes its still happening in old army place. We even have new VJ – Max/msp master ingo & “bildstorm”. Check . He’ll be doing visuals with NSA on Friday.
At the same time we are getting helpful hand from friends from Austria. They are coming with video equipment and will video the whole festival. DVD release soon!!

Time table…

OUE – Orkestar za ubrzanu evoluciju video… (2Mb – 40sec)

ODRZ – performance ODRZ05: audio TV alteration process (60′ long), (Italy) at EEII:
“The television, today, is the most immediated media. Audio TV reality undergoes an alteration process by ODRZ. ODRZ05 drives the TV audience away. The live performance consists in undergoing alterations the sound broadcasted in real time by the television networks, showing images at the same time.” More…

Another Austrian band/project: ONEBOMB>ONETARGET, will be blasting their way through EEII:
” noise is the only phenomenon that will never be commercialized!!”
” noise is purest anarchy!! This is prime reason why society hates noise”
“destroy some structure in your life, produce and consume noise 24hrs daily!!”
“DON´T SUBMIT TO STRUCTURE!!” *Noise is the only phenomenon that will NEVER be commercialized!!* All this is RS’s motivation about noise (in its broadest sense – not only music): it is the ONLY phenomenon with NO provable structure in it. Only if there is no imposed structure from the medium, there’ll be ultimate freedom to both consumer and artist. Nobody is affected in their own personal structure as there is none ! From it’s definition, noise is purest anarchy. This is the prime reason why society hates and prosecutes noise… Noise is terror. Destroy some structure in your life, produce & consume noise 24hrs daily. Anywhere you are. Become a noise terrorist.

JANE_DOE – dark and evil noise doom trash from Austria will perform audio and visual. Mississipi_witch.mp3 (part) More…

Ivan Ramnjak will be showing some of the best experimental movies during the EEII festival. More…

From Italy we are having unexpected guests, a pleasant surprise: slow, dreamy & noisy LUDMILA from Milan. Ludmila Mp3m.

For love of moving legs in rhythm of abstract d’n’b we present dj Funk Guru & visuals by Onoxo. Onoxo visuals.

13/09 KARLOVAC – “Mala scena”
14/09 DELNICE – “Radnički dom”
15/09 KNIN – “Stara tvrđa”
16/09 RIJEKA – “Spirit”
17/09 PULA – “Monteparadso”

A taste of WCH can be heard here: WCH mp3.

Good news concerning financing EEII. We have support from Dutch Embassy, IOD-H and Croatian Ministry of culture. Some changes have to be made due to budget. All dates about EEII on tour will be published in one week.


“…its not really cuz of dkmedia is a popular name or that im afraid of bullshit.
the name dkmedia comes from dangerous kitchen, witch was a one time project with a friend of mine. it was a impro-rock project. after that we did this video/sound manipulation gig under the name dkmedia. but thats 2 years ago and never did it again. today im busy on my projects and already had the name “KAISER GRUTVA” for awhile. last few weeks I decided to do everything under the name kaiser grutva.
KG will perform: 10-15 min videocollage with recent footage from tv and movies. this is being projected on screen. the sound from the video goes to my little mixingdesk where I have a few simple effects like distortions and delays. I will manipulate the videosound to some noise-soundscape which anticipates with the happenings on screen.

We decided to separate movie festival from festival EEII. There is too much material allready. So we decided >> Uke2 ff is film festival dedicated to movies concerning connections between moving picture and sound. It will take place in Croatia, Križevci in the middle of October 2004.

Beside received movies, we will be showing selected works from low/no budget festivals from the world.
Download application form and send us your movies!!

Matt Smith aka OMEZ just mailed us that he will have to finish his European tour in Austria due to obligations he has in Vancuver.

Royal Netherlands Embassy Zagreb gave us a green light for financial help.

We are working on taking segment of the festival on the tour (Split, Rijeka, Pula, Zadar, Knin, Mostar…) through net of Croatian NGOs CLUBTURE.

Some interesting stuff on Decker Markus (WCH bend)

EEII got a letter from Omez who will also join festival. Omez is from Kanada and will have a performance using

the multichannel software he has made to be used live with a analog gamecontroller. More…

Made a contact with D.K.Media from Amsterdam which will present their material on EEII. D.K.Media & Gentljunk co. in action can be seen on video>>

UKE has been at the INTERSTELLAR FESTIVAL in Linz, and is still recovering. We wish to thank everybody on a great time we had. Foto…

During the festival we made a contact with Didi Bruckmayr and are hopping he will find time to come to festival. Didi will perform with “Ego Trip” and give a max msp workshop.

Application forms on Croatian and English are uploaded on site. Check it and send us movies!!!

We made a contact with multimedia organization VIDEOFORMES from France, and are hoping to make their presentation.

We got a green light on doing part of the program in old town cinema by the town folks.

Gijs Borslap turned down job at Concertgebauw in Amsterdam so he can be at our festival in Septemer. So the sound-lab workshop is ON!

Zogholy Andre is going to make open discussion to reflect and analyse wch-band work (also in political way). The discussion will be around socio-political questions in the fields of culture, art-production and noise. More…

Wolfgang Fuchs will give a OFF-BEAT, workshop for sound-textures in turntabelism. Thumbs up for Wolf! More…

After some of us have been taking the VJing course, we agreed we want some really weird experimental VJing going on all the time on the festival.

we had an interesting talk with people from Croatian Film Association, who are willing to help us with festival. On CFA:

Ivan Ladislav Galeta, professor of new media on art Academy of Zagreb agreed to present some of his newest work on the festival and give a lecture.

Talked to people from Center for Culture, Tresnjevka, Zagreb, and they agreed to lend us their sound system.

From Linz and Vienna we will be listening to wch band:
Herbst Richard – vocals
Decker Markus – electronics
Zogholy Andre – electronics
Zogholy Samir – bass
Fuchs Wolfgang – turntables
Merzinger Markus – drums
and nsa:
Traunsteiner Ralf – electronic sequencing

Maja Zegnal, experimental moviemaker has agreed to do a lectures on festival.

Nixa (from band Lunar) will come on the festival to make a workshop of experimental sound engineering. All the people that want to know how to do lots of good noise with cables and alike please contact us.

French Cultural Institute has given us support in lending any movie from their library we want, and arrangeing some movies from France, same as the lecturer.

Arrangement with a great place for hosting our festival: ex army place. Excellent place for festival, big cinema hall with two 35 mm projectors, 16 mm projector, big hall in front of cinema hall, bar, backyard, three rooms upstairs for workshops.

We contacted French bands “Hapi Uiz” and “Chevale de Fries” and “GRR ZZZ”. The sad story is that we were to late to organize finance for arriving of this three great bands. We are looking for new donators…

Predrag Topic will give a lecture on experimental music and will DJ some of hardest pieces of music to find in a local CD shop.

Razorblade J.R. (Ivica Košavić, Gone Bald frontmanćs solo project) has agreed to come on the festival from Amsterdam. More on R.J.R.

January 2004
The idea has crystallized: festival UKE2 – EEII (Urban Culture and Education 2 – Electronically Experimental Interventions in Interior.) will be a festival of experimental movies from the world and Croatia concerned with connection of sound and (preferably abstract) picture. The application form will soon be out.
Together with the visual part goes sound part: experimental sounds of electrical and electronicall performers.

January 2004
The idea has changed a little. Festival will not be the moving one, as we wanted. Too messy, too much explaining to do to the police, etc. We are looking for a big place to make our festival in, a hangar of some sort.

January 2004
got a green light from Austrian Cultural Center for financing guys from club KAPU, from Linz.

November 2003
We contacted Gijs Borslap from Amsterdam and he agreed to make a sound lab workshop if his busy schedule will permit him. He will probably be working at Amsterdam Concertgebauw in September, so we depend on him not getting a work.:)

November 2003
We contacted people from club KAPU from Linz and asked them to come for a festival.

November 2003
An idea for a moving festival was developed around term “NOISEPARADE”. We wanted to take audio and visual artists on the same wagon and drive them around countryside while they are performing.
We started a donators hunt.