EEII2017 invitation

After 2 years EEII is resurrected as an art-gathering in the Center for Creative Solutions located at village Rasoja, near Lovinac, Croatia, on 24th and 25th June.

We are expecting artist that use environment as their starting point, and while making their art, performing, playing, etc., use renewable energy while having bio-diversity, self sustainability and climate change in the mind.

EEII ’17 offers:

– art camp in the woods

– making your meal on fire with local organic food

– small stage with PI that runs on renewable energy – music only at day (sun) time!

– middle of he woods, no neighbors

– walks in the nature

– own watter well

– gathering of forest-food and mushrooms

– jumping in the local river

– searching for wild animals

– evening around the fire with acoustic and DIY instruments

Safest to come is with a car. Another option is train that runs from Zagreb to Split, exit station Lovinac. Bring your sleeping bags, tents, other accessories. Self sustainability is key word.