How did EEII’09 work?

Video: Maja Kalogera

To summarize: there were powerful forces nested in individuals that were put in the context of a group. In any sense, from organization to curatorial to creative and artistic, one could see flow of energies that were shaping the event. For the observer who is accustomed to style of representation event usually found in a gallery this might have been chaotic experience, but for anyone who did spent some time at the event witnessed complex, yet visible forces of social relationships entangled with creative aspirations. Structures were changing during the event according to situations and influences system was receiving. System was fluent and each personality steered it for some time in one of the possible directions. Nodes of the system became visible in their individualism as well as how were they interconnected.

EEII’09 video no.1. from GentleJunk on Vimeo.