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IP in Rio de Janeiro

IP is an autonomous space in the center of Rio with about 20 people working there from different areas: free radio, free software, indymedia, women´s rights, artists, organic food, popular carnival culture, clown army etc.

On Saturday 24.03. there was GentleJunk co. (Tanja) was VJing together with Bruno Tarin. Tanja said: “Earlier this day Bruno showed me a software PD so I decided to swich completly to this and with help of patches from build my own software for vjing.”

An video interview was made with IP member Anna Sobczak who also organised ‘Sharing Market’ (Feira de troca) in front of IP based on idea of exchange of goods and not money.

Later the same day, atCinemateca do Museum of Modern Art a program Americana latina em transe was orginized by Coletivo FELCO and CMI Rio. Americana latina em transe is a series of short and full lenght documentary movies about Latin America. Exceptional documetary was “La hora de los hornos: neocolonialismo y violencia” shoot in 1968. that is possible reference to simmilar modern movies with simmilar thematics.

Conjugate deterritorialized flows

Conjugate deterritorialized flows. Follow the plants: you start by delimiting a first line consisting of circles of convergence around successive singularities; then you see whether inside that line new circles of convergence establish themselves, with new points located outside the limits and in other directions.(…)

The map is open and connectable in all ot is dimensions; it is detachable, reversible, susceptible to constant modification. It can be torn, reversed, adapted to any kind of mounting, reworked by an individual, group, or social formation. It can be drawn on a wall, conceived of as a work of art, constructed as a political action or as a meditation.
Deleuze & Guattari in *A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia* [University of Minnesota Press <>, 1987]


We have arrived in Curitiba (about), town of 3 million people 6 hours by buss, south of Sao Pulo (map).

Ricardo PalmieriA festival ‘ConSerto’ is organizede by group ‘Organismo’ that works here for three years. Interesting is that ‘ConSerto’ is made in government run place, but tends to be completely independent. Event is happening at part of SEAE (Secretary of Developement) in charge of technological developement.

This is the invisible action, as participants are calling it, that focuses on acknowledgement of diferent individuals and groups working in different parts of Brazil. ‘Our group is here to acknowledge that Free Open Source and Free Open Culture is a way for people to p3150137.JPGget conected and to percive their common language. We are not only a technological novelty’ says one of the ‘Organismo’ group member and one of the ‘ConSerto’ organizers, Glerm Soares. ‘conSerto’ is a place where designers, programers, free media activists, musicians and artist meet to disscus future of Free Culture in Brazil.

Octavio Camargo helped us to understand how ‘ConSeto’ works: ‘Free and Open Culture is about coming somewhere and learning what is happening there before taking action. It is not imposing one owns culture but sharing experiance and working together.’

octavio-cigaretes.JPGHe gave us a gret example with a cigarete box. In Brasil cigarete boxes have hideus pictures depicting consequences of smoking. But he states that this pictures are imposed culture of western science. ‘To tell us that smoking is bad and sell us cigaretes is funny. But not to realize the ritual in smoking is thing only western science can do.’

Octavio is musician and artist. He is a member of where you can find more of his works and collaborations.


Vanessa Santos from Belo Horizonte is working with FOSS programe for video editing called Cinerella, and has produced a video of ‘conSerto’.

Some photos of ConSerto:


and Curitiba:

curitiba1.JPG p3140074.JPGcuritiba2.JPG