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LiveNoiseTupi recordings

LiveNoiseTupi is collaborative performatic collective with members: Cristiano Rosa (BR) aka Pan&Tone, Ricardo Palmieri (BR) aka VJ Palm and Kruno Jost (CRO) aka GentleJunk. They create a live open source performance where interested participants are welcomed to become part of the creative process. Boundaries between artists and audience is thus blurred and performance becomes happening where audience doesn’t consume work, but is actively engaged in process.

LNT at HAIP '08 festival, Ljubljana

LNT @ HAIP '08 festival

To recycles everything  that our society throws away after using but can be circuit bent or otherwise put in condition to make sound is LNT main interest. It is hard to define boundary between aesthetics of performance, music concert, workshop or knowledge transfer and just regular ‘hang around’ and talk in happenings LNT are creating. At the same time welding, cutting and soldering became a part of visual video screen that goes hand in hand with audio performance and educational collaborative work with everyone who appears during performance. Usually, people joining the activities come out with their own instrument, or they get involved in performance and music making. LNT are making musical instruments in similar process like making music: intuitive, by chance, trough sharing, inspired by what is around, trough listening and observing. Their performances are almost always a nice bricolague of happenings, chance music, improvisation, workshops and enjoyable evenings.
LNT @ KSET Zagreb

LNT @ KSET Zagreb with Penelopex and Julie la Rousse

During exchange program LNT performed on HAIP ’08 festival in Ljubljana, Slovenia, KSET in Zagreb and MAMA in Zagreb. Recordings done in this period were published on GentleJunk NetLabel:

LiveNoiseTupi @ MAMA

LNT @ St. John the Frog

CultureRobot on HAIP

During HAIP festival in Ljubljana Palmieri Ricardo and Kruno Jošt mounted CultureRobot installation at cybercafe and culture center Kiberpipa. Cultural points in Ljubljana have been marked on the map:

Robots movement was tracked by infrared camera on the map. They have mounted diodes on the top.

In the video development can be seen in new design protecting robots from entangling together. Also a tracking patch can be observed. Map with cultural centers were trigged to change color and size of circle as robot crossed it. People could control robot movements.

Here is photolog from HAIP festival >>