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PDcon09 in Sao Paulo

PD Convention was organized by Alexander Porres, Paloma Oliveira and Palmieri Ricardo in collaboration with SESC Sao Paulo, Museum of Image and Sound (MIS) and PU between 19th and 26th of July 2009.  On Sunday 19th July opening night started the whole scope of activities: from workshops to presentations, concerts, performances, interactive installations and most importantly PARTYs!

PDcon09 opening

PDcon09 opening

Wilson Sukorski performing with Alexander Porres

Wilson Sukorski performing with Alexander Porres

More on the PDcon program find here >>
PDcon09 photolog here >>

PDcon09 people

PDcon09 people


oidaradio logo

Kruno Jošt (CRO) presented sonic live session at OIDARADIO in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Friday 09/05/08 at 16h. OIDARADIO is a temporary net radio station that is hosted by the institution Paço Das Artes for one month period. During this period an international group show brings together artists, experimental musicians, critics, curators and DJs to explore all areas of experimental/artistic sonic activity.

OIDARADIO, a project curated by Nick Graham-Smith and Kiki Mazzzucchelli , will streams live for 4 hours a day for 24 days (Mon-Fri, 6th – 30th May, 14-18h), which is a first exhibition of it’s kind in Brazil. After the month of radio shows that could be listened on-line and at the Paço Das Artes gallery, the exhibition will remain as a website with permanent archive of the event.

University Sao Paulo

university sao apulo

USP is one of the biggest universities in Brazil besides UNICAMP in Campinas (both in Sao Paulo state). USP is established 1934. hosting more than 70 000 students and covers the area of 76 799 555 m2 with 4 museums and 4 hospitals. Here is the map >>

disscusion in the calssI was invited to give a lecture on artistic production in GentleJunk collective and to talk about art and culture in general at Escola de Comunica̤̣o e Artes РECA (School for Communication and Arts) on Friday 25th of April. As students were mainly from department of sculpturing, their professor and my host, Mario Ramiro invited me to present Circuit Bending as a way of handling electronic devices as objects. Discussion and lecture went on to many different questions including free culture, free media and ways of artistic production today.

USP - looking from entrance to sculpture dep.

At one moment a digital photo camera went in a circle so everyone got a chance to take one photo. This is a photolg of that little experiment >>

Lots of thenx to Rosa and Mario for giving me a chance to have this experience.

Sao Paulo metro

small screens inside SP metroCity of Sao Pulo recently introduced the law of ‘visual pollution’ banning billboards from the streets. It was discussed that every billboard can distract driver for 15 meters, causing great risks in traffic.

So, what is other place where lots of people travel and have enough time to consume commercials? Well, its metro. Metro cars have small screens with non stop video commercials.

Here you can also here an audio drive-trough one of the stations of LINHA VERDE (green line) at Sao Paulo metro.

Map of SP metro

CCJ @ Sao Pulo

what si where at CCJ

CCJ, youth center in Sao Paulo is goverment financed institution hosting a library, two cinema halls, dozens of public computers with free internet connection, wireless free internet connection, audio recording and production room and more.

Part of CCJ is LabC that gives workshops in free open source in audio and video production, graphic production, free internet radio, hacklab and more. From 15th to 17th April 2008 LabC hosted a circuit bending workshop recording studio at CCJby Kruno Jost and Giuliano Obici.

Workshop was visited by more than 10 pupils taht constructed audio DIY instruments from old synthesizers, radios and other sound toys and equipment we could find.

Workshop will continue with recording a music score with the participants and maybe also participants will build up a sound installation with recycled material.

CB workshopMany thanks to all participants an special tenks to Giuliano Obici and Alexandre Freire that made this workshop possible.

CB worksop photolog >>