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Salvador has around 2.7 milion inhabitants and was the first colonial capital of Portugese Brasil in 16th century. It has the highest proportion of people of African descent in the country, and one of the largest black populations in the Western Hemisphere. Gilberto Gil, present Brazilian Minister of the culture is born in Salvador.

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Wikipedia (eng.) notices: ‘Tourists must be aware, though, that they will be the preferential targets of the pick pockets and thieves, and hence should dress like the locals do.’

Salvador sound

Conjugate deterritorialized flows

Conjugate deterritorialized flows. Follow the plants: you start by delimiting a first line consisting of circles of convergence around successive singularities; then you see whether inside that line new circles of convergence establish themselves, with new points located outside the limits and in other directions.(…)

The map is open and connectable in all ot is dimensions; it is detachable, reversible, susceptible to constant modification. It can be torn, reversed, adapted to any kind of mounting, reworked by an individual, group, or social formation. It can be drawn on a wall, conceived of as a work of art, constructed as a political action or as a meditation.
Deleuze & Guattari in *A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia* [University of Minnesota Press <http://www.upress.umn.edu/>, 1987]

Espaço Y (Estilingue)


The Sling constitutes a platform of interface for convergence of the actions of collective autonomous worker and nets of action in Belo Horizonte, devoted to the tecno-cultural innovation and the democratization of the media (for “I hurl it� of these actions). The functioning of the Sling intends to propitiate sharing of resources and knowledge and convergence of objectives and methods, to extend the participant effectiveness of the actions of the people and organizations. These agents if join as umaConfederação of interested Independent Groups in the production and change of experiences and knowledge and that they are in accordance with the principles of functioning of the Sling. (translated by G)

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BH, Another huge city