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Lucas Bamozzi on ArteMov festival

Lucas Bambozzi is a multimedia artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His works are constituted by pieces dealing with media in a wide variety of formats, such as installations, single channel videos, short films and interactive projects.

In this interview Lucas explains intentions behind ArteMov festival, about locative media, usage of open systems as alternative, sharing and dissemination of knowledge and about  commission winning CultureRobot project at 2009 festival.

Lucas Bambozzi interview from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

Interview with Bruno Vianna

Interview with Bruno Vianna, filmmaker and new media artist from Brasil, Rio de Janeiro.
Bruno talks about free culture, interactivity in new media and film making, sharing and distribution over new networks, about precarious work and creative industry in Brasil, governmental founding, etc. He was one of the organizers of Dorkbot Rio.

Bruno Vianna from genteljunk on Vimeo.