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MIMOSA action

On sunny day of 24th of April MIMOSA installation was taken to the streets of Linz in search of everyday people that will use it as a free media and say whatever is on their minds without usual filters of commercial media. Our small group had lots of fun with trying to attract passers by to come and share their thoughts with us.

Many of them arrived and gave us their opinions on city of Liz, on independent culture, about ongoing Linz Culture Capital 09,  free radio work in Linz etc.

Some of the passers by were students that have been demonstrating that day in Linz due to schools reforms affecting them. Estimated 12 000 students gathered that day at Hauptplatz, main square of Linz.

Thanx to the whole MIMOSA crew, audio interwievs will be published soon.

Putujuci Slobodni Radio @ iSummit


This year’s MMKamp is all about the free travelling radio (or Putujuci Slobodni Radio) and our first stop was at the iSummit in Dubrovnik.

We set up the radio station, interviewed some iCommoners, set up an art performance about the value of money and free culture and had lot’s of fun at a radio party!

On sunday the Birds of a Feather session was held about structuring further Brazilian <-> Croatian free culture exchange. Only two people from the summit showed up, but we also had a couple of brazilians on-line (valeu cris e machado). With renewed ideas we think that this exchange is only going to get better!

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Radio Janela and Radio Interferencia

Radio Janela is project that works as radio transmission(s) decentralized from it’s source. It is mixture of multiple radio transmissions and street sound systems. Information (sound) comes from internet radio and is transmitted with small transmitters locally, using sound systems so it can be publicly accessed.
Radio Janela is Djadjah (Giuliano Bonardini) idea that he has been practicing with other people in Brazil.

Radio Interferencia (Radio Interferance) is another free web and FM radio project located in UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro). Radio is powered by 50 watts transmitter and is accesible in some parts of the Rio.

On Wednesday 21th of March a program was aired on Radio Interferencia focusing on Free Open Culture exchange between Croatia and Brasil. Also, bands like Negativeland and concepts of plunderphonics were disscused.