CCJ @ Sao Pulo

what si where at CCJ

CCJ, youth center in Sao Paulo is goverment financed institution hosting a library, two cinema halls, dozens of public computers with free internet connection, wireless free internet connection, audio recording and production room and more.

Part of CCJ is LabC that gives workshops in free open source in audio and video production, graphic production, free internet radio, hacklab and more. From 15th to 17th April 2008 LabC hosted a circuit bending workshop recording studio at CCJby Kruno Jost and Giuliano Obici.

Workshop was visited by more than 10 pupils taht constructed audio DIY instruments from old synthesizers, radios and other sound toys and equipment we could find.

Workshop will continue with recording a music score with the participants and maybe also participants will build up a sound installation with recycled material.

CB workshopMany thanks to all participants an special tenks to Giuliano Obici and Alexandre Freire that made this workshop possible.

CB worksop photolog >>

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