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Putujuci Slobodni Radio @ iSummit


This year’s MMKamp is all about the free travelling radio (or Putujuci Slobodni Radio) and our first stop was at the iSummit in Dubrovnik.

We set up the radio station, interviewed some iCommoners, set up an art performance about the value of money and free culture and had lot’s of fun at a radio party!

On sunday the Birds of a Feather session was held about structuring further Brazilian <-> Croatian free culture exchange. Only two people from the summit showed up, but we also had a couple of brazilians on-line (valeu cris e machado). With renewed ideas we think that this exchange is only going to get better!

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Event @ Estrilingue

On Thursday 05/04/07 an event has been organized by Drica Velose, Gastao Frota, Junia May Teixeira, Tanja Topolovec and Kruno Jost. Event was a collaborative work that included multimedia installation, audio and stage set, with digital visualization including feedback image.

During the evening some of the visitors followed Gastaos performance influence and started interacting with the visualization and stage set. In the atmosphere similar to Fluxus event, with naturally inborn feeling for interacting with the surrounding and taking part in action, visitors were discussing, reacting, taking part and helping with ongoing changes of the event.

Preparing for the event @ Estrilingue

Different possibilities for live audio performance were shown in softwe such as: Jack, Creox, Jack Rack, Freebirth, Mixx and Darksnow on Linux as well as Rektor and Battery in Windows. Basics of audio editing and recordning were done in Audacity and Ardour.

Preparation for the event that is planed for the weekend are in progress – sugesstion to make an interactive event, party and multimedi exhibition, all in one, went on to brainstorming with the group of artist and activists.

Possibilities of using digital video cameras, mobile devices, digital sound, software such sa Resolume for VJing, as well as analoug devices and recyicled material for scenography are all carefully scetched.

Espaço Y (Estilingue) @ Belo Horizonte

Capital of state Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte (beautiful horizon) is third largest city of Brazil.


Espaço Y (Estilingue) is independent space that is orginized at the principle of volontary collaborative work in the new media culture as well as social activities. It is located in a building with a long history of community activities, that was aboundened at the time of dictatorship. At present commercial acctivities are mainly reserved for ground floors, while upper floors are preety much empty.

Estrilingue is space that is accepting proposals for different workshops that can help community gatthered around it, but also broather community of people that are in and around the building. A series of cinema evenings are organized, as well as other activities.

DesCentro @ Upgrade!Salvador

During lat week of March 2007. a meeting was held in Salvador, Bahia. DesCentro members have met in order to make a firm base (functional as well as legislative) on further development of this network.
DesCentro is de-centralized organizational node of collaborative actions, inserted in broader context of Brazilian media activism. This context is formed by group of organizations, researchers, activists, teachers, hackers and artists coming from all regions of the country. More details on DesCentro.

Main DesCentro’s goal is to develop the methodological structural and approach to optimize network that has been working together for more than five years, avoiding the downsides of common institutionalization. Even the way DesCentro was established is deep criticism to the well-known NGO “show business”. Another situation DesCentro intends to provide is ways for people to carry out independent research and practice and still earn for their living, respecting the principles of collaboration, de-centralization, diversity and freedom.

History of DesCentro has been a collective work of different groups and collectives. Through meetings and online contacts good conections were established inside Brazil as well as in the world, mainly India and Netherlands. Members took part in events such as Media Tactica Brasil, Next5Minutes4 in Amsterdam, Alternative Law Forum and Submidialogia.
In October 2005. Submidialogia happened in Campinas, Brazil. A group formed by members of Metareciclagem, Tactical Media and Submídia emerged and decided to work together within the perspective of developing an organizing node for the Brazilian critical media networks, in to order to promote the development of tactical media exchange and projects.

Invitation for international DesCenters

Invitation for international DesCenters

1th day of Upgrade!Salvador – des).(encontro

First day a preparation for Upgrade!Salvador was held at theater Gregorio de Matos.

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‘Upgrade! is an international, emerging network of autonomous nodes united by art, technology, and a commitment to bridging cultural divides. Its decentralized, non-hierarchical structure ensures that Upgrade! (i) operates according to local interests and their available resources; and (ii) reflects current creative engagement with cutting edge technologies. While individual nodes present new media projects, engage in informal critique, and foster dialogue and collaboration between individual artists, Upgrade! International functions as an online, global network that gathers annually in different cities to meet one another, showcase local art, and work on the agenda for the following year.’

Disscusions on further tactics and strategic planing are held in the middle of exhibition showing jewellery of recycled plastic bottles.


Salvador has around 2.7 milion inhabitants and was the first colonial capital of Portugese Brasil in 16th century. It has the highest proportion of people of African descent in the country, and one of the largest black populations in the Western Hemisphere. Gilberto Gil, present Brazilian Minister of the culture is born in Salvador.

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Wikipedia (eng.) notices: ‘Tourists must be aware, though, that they will be the preferential targets of the pick pockets and thieves, and hence should dress like the locals do.’

Salvador sound

IP in Rio de Janeiro

IP is an autonomous space in the center of Rio with about 20 people working there from different areas: free radio, free software, indymedia, women´s rights, artists, organic food, popular carnival culture, clown army etc.

On Saturday 24.03. there was GentleJunk co. (Tanja) was VJing together with Bruno Tarin. Tanja said: “Earlier this day Bruno showed me a software PD so I decided to swich completly to this and with help of patches from build my own software for vjing.”

An video interview was made with IP member Anna Sobczak who also organised ‘Sharing Market’ (Feira de troca) in front of IP based on idea of exchange of goods and not money.

Later the same day, atCinemateca do Museum of Modern Art a program Americana latina em transe was orginized by Coletivo FELCO and CMI Rio. Americana latina em transe is a series of short and full lenght documentary movies about Latin America. Exceptional documetary was “La hora de los hornos: neocolonialismo y violencia” shoot in 1968. that is possible reference to simmilar modern movies with simmilar thematics.