10 years of Experimental Electronics Interventions has been recorded at this blog. Some of the parts are maybe lost, but the spirit of EEII is still here. this year, on 10th year anniversary, we are having a hybrid event full of surprises. EEII014 is happening from 7th to 14th October. It is intermedia art experience comprised of “on the road” multimedia together with electronic experiments, research and production in digital media.

Our participants will enjoy small travel that will connect different parts of Croatia in a crazy electric cur run, where boundaries of batteries will be tested both in kilometres and hours. EEII touring car, full electric model, is taking us to the experiment of covering ground beyond its usual distances. Performance “Can I have some Electricity?” is performed at every ad hoc stop, without knowing where that place might be.

Artist tour of the area designated for building Centre for Creative Solution will be organized together with 3d modelling workshops where Centre will have its virtual birth. C4CS will be a home to EEII for the next decade and if finished in time EEII’15 is planed to be organized there. Sound experiments will be carried out at most unussual spaces.

EEII’14 is finishing at Town Concert and Exhibition Hall in Zalaegerszeg, Hungary with multimedia performance at the opening of the group exhibition including collaborative working environments.

EEII’14 is supported by Zaklada Kultura Nova, Ministray of Culture Croatia, Avantcar Croatia, terme Jezerčica.

EEII are Božidar Slukan, Josip Kanjiža, Danijela Zoroja and Kruno Jošt. Many thanks to local goverment of Gračac, Antonija, Dane and KAtja for co-organizing.


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