Invitation for EEII’11 festival



Autonomous Centre, ACT,
Ivana Novaka 38, Čakovec, Croatia.
Stari hrast –

07.10.2011. – 18.10.2011.


During Slobodni festival (Free Festival) 5 (July 2011) we detected a local problem with artist working in new media art, transdisciplinary and/or in performance, multimedia, or with themes connected with social, group, collective, collaborative issues, even with anything slightly different than traditional/classic aesthetics. They all have complains about institutional structures that are slow to reply on issues of networking between artists, organizations and events. Also they are inadequate in recognizing needs of productions and presentation, especially in connection to technology and open source. There are no space for presentation, no adequate technological help, no infrastructure to host artist in residency programs, no art labs, etc. All this reflects to local art production and presentation, with much bigger consequences than just helping artist to solve their individual frustrations. In our view the biggest problem is seen in slow but constant disappearing from the map of culture and creativity completely, especially in contemporary world of information exchange and mobility, networking and EU collaborative cultural and artistic praxis.


According to detected problems we offer an idea of mobile art laboratory that will give local artists a chance to work in high-tech environment, on location where a needs is recognized (events, festivals, partner organizations, at location where artist and activist can converge ideas for better actions, etc). Mobile Art Lab (MAL) can offer artist, cultural agents and alike a space to share ideas, work on concepts, create tech. workshops, communicate, present concepts or art works, network with others. MAL can be art work in itself, but can also be a tool for artwork.

We know we are not the first to have this idea and we don’t claim a patent on it. We are aware there is many projects in the world with similar intent. But, we are also aware that this makes us a node in world-large pool of people and organizations which detected a need for mobility, nomad philosophy, creativity on the move together with collaborative work where artist and experts unite in culture that respects free culture movement, freedom of expression and speech, need to address subjects of social change, equality and awareness/ trough and with new media.


Our idea is to work with local forces (artist, culture agents, architects, students, enthusiasts) to conceptualize mobile/art/tech/fablab/brico/modular/lab by detecting needs of g/local and cross-border programs. We propose presentations of similar projects that we call brothers and sisters. We will organize presentations of this projects at he beginning of EEII festival in October and group work with participants in conceptualizing MAL. We need to put all on paper, see how it works in theory, have a look at local needs, possible constructions, preparations, weather conditions, where it will stay, how far it will travel, what material can it be build on, etc. Basically lots of moderated talks and discussions that will bring us to the modular, recyclable, multi-purposed mobile art lab. MAL will be created until ACT-fest where it will host it’s first artist work/s and KIBLIX festival during end of the 2011. MAL will be part of KIBLIX festival in Maribor, during November, as a host to 6 artist working as a group.


1. Friday 7th October 19h – arrival and presentations of similar projects in the world
2. Saturday, Sunday – discussions and creation of groups
3. rest of the week work in groups
4. end of the week finalizing blueprints and finding best offers for realization
5. 18th October presentation of blueprint


How did EEII’09 work?

Video: Maja Kalogera

To summarize: there were powerful forces nested in individuals that were put in the context of a group. In any sense, from organization to curatorial to creative and artistic, one could see flow of energies that were shaping the event. For the observer who is accustomed to style of representation event usually found in a gallery this might have been chaotic experience, but for anyone who did spent some time at the event witnessed complex, yet visible forces of social relationships entangled with creative aspirations. Structures were changing during the event according to situations and influences system was receiving. System was fluent and each personality steered it for some time in one of the possible directions. Nodes of the system became visible in their individualism as well as how were they interconnected.

EEII’09 video no.1. from GentleJunk on Vimeo.

EEII ’09 will be one day event in Čakovec city gallery

Process of collaborative DIY event EEII’09 is starting. We invite everyone who wants to be part of the event to propose their project and discuss with us how it can be related and combined with other offered projects. EEII’09 will be happening in Čakovec City gallery Scheier during 12 hours on Saturday 05.12.2009. This event strives to gather local and international artist who will aspire to unify their different aesthetics or ways of artistic practices in event that will connect all the works in one.

More on methodology of this years EEII will be created during comming weeks on events forum. Join it >> if you would like to participate.

EEII 07 has been a succes

an instrumentEEII 07 has been a true revelation. Some of the most difficult moments in performers life is how to present itself, the band, project or solo. How to share it, how to organize it and so on.

EEII has done it in DIY style, where everyone helped as much as they could so that sweet sounds of industrial, electro, drone, noise music has a unique festival in Croatia.

Have a look at photolog >>


Još jedan EEII??!


Klub/venue: KuC Lamparna, Labin, Croatia

start/početak 19.10.2007 21h
end/kraj 21.10.2007 06h

Anti-festival DIY ( tipa otvoren za sve! Uzmite svoj instrument i dođite svirati sa ostalim gostima. Nema određenog vremena ni redoslijeda, sve se dogovara u klubu. 33 sata non-stop – svirajte, podučavajte, učite, gledajte i slušajte kad zaželite.
DIY no-festival EEII is open to perform for everyone. Take your instrument and come to play. There is no scedule for playing, everything is being done right there and than in the club. Nonstop 33 hurs – play, teach, learn, look and listen when you want.


NUNUK TALKS TO LUNA – ambient-experimental-industrial
DOTS DJ – el.-techno-IDM
_PROTOTYPE DJ – el.-techno-IDM

GENTLEJUNK – expreimental-CA-laptop noise
KARMAKUMULATOR & POWERSET AXIOM – industrial-ambient-experimental
AMPOULE ANDARIO – comedy-blackmetal-big beat
CAHEXIA – industrial-electro
LE CIRCOSTANZE STRANE – experimental folk
LNC – noise
SMRT I ČEKIĆ – noisebrut
MUZIKFANTASTIQUE (DJ) – noise industrial

CIRCUIT BENDING/CD shop/t-shirts/bar/pizza/salad/coffy…

fresh out:
1. Noiz Inkvizition Rekordz #4
limited edition 125 komada
2. GentleJunk co. recording
Impromondays crew : Impromondays Session No.1.

Financijski podržali/financial support:
Ministarstvo kulture RH
Nacionalna zaklada za razvoj civilnog društva
Program organiziran u partnerstvu/organized by:


Electronical experiments and circuit bending

great stuff for rcycling!

During this summer most of the happenings were orientated to electronical experiments. To number a few:

Building a circuit bending machine ‘Krizevci Electronic Noise Band’ with wich we performed at ‘Nepokoreni grad’ festival

First we went to the an guy who owns shop for repairing old TV and radio sets and asked him kindly if we could go trough his garbage. He said – take it all away! We found couple of old walkmans with radios, radios, sound boards, voice recorders.

getting board readyIf you get a similar chance get all the stuff that has a connection to speakers, no matter how big they are. Cut off speakers (that u can re-use for other project) and connect jacks which will fit your mixing board.

opening machnes we brought homeAt home we started opening up what we brought from the garbage and connecting it to power supply and playing around with connecting different locations on the boards randomly.

When u find one good position get you alligator connector there, take another one and go on with exploring those circuits.

connecting a toy to battery and to sound output - jackWe burned couple of things with to high voltage but no matter.

Next expedition to friends that have kids was even better. They gave their kids old music toys away: ‘Just take it!’.

Best part was getting it all together in one box which we connected to small mixer. You can all get around the board and get control over your music machine, as well as over your mixer input.

krizevci sound noise band

The fun of doing it was matching the fun of playing with it.

We could go for hours, people on festivl were joining us, but soon people from museum (in front of wich we played) cut our energy supply. It was not because of the noise they say, they were jsut going home, it was late….

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