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Putujuci Slobodni Radio @ iSummit


This year’s MMKamp is all about the free travelling radio (or Putujuci Slobodni Radio) and our first stop was at the iSummit in Dubrovnik.

We set up the radio station, interviewed some iCommoners, set up an art performance about the value of money and free culture and had lot’s of fun at a radio party!

On sunday the Birds of a Feather session was held about structuring further Brazilian <-> Croatian free culture exchange. Only two people from the summit showed up, but we also had a couple of brazilians on-line (valeu cris e machado). With renewed ideas we think that this exchange is only going to get better!

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Biennale – PPC_T / Farkadona

PPC_T/Farkadona is an interdisciplinary, self-administrated collaborative project. It consists of a series of cultural activities, workshops, devices of interaction with territory and public events. Moreover, it focuses primarily on Emergency Case Situations as seen at the settlement of the repatriated community of Greek-Pontians from the former Soviet Union in Farkadona, in the district of Trikala, Thessaly-Greece.

The settlement was created in the early 90s as a result of a state policy of peripheral dispersion of refugees in organized camps and units. Fifteen years after their rehabilitation the residents of the community still live under conditions of degradation, ghettoization and “exception”.

Based on the significance of territory as a “reception” of human activity, PPC_T/Farkadona examines the ways in which the marginalized community can be rehabilitated and incorporated in the existing landscape, the local society and in the economic, cultural and political life. The material that will be presented at the exhibition is a result of our collaboration with the inhabitants of the community.

PPC_T/Farkadona is an interdisciplinary team that is based on collaborative actions together with an extended network of
collaborators, architects, artists and activists from Greece and abroad.